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Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel supplies Industrial Gaskets, Flange Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Metal Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets. Custom Gaskets are available.

Gaskets Product List

Seal Gaskets
Seal Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Seal Gaskets, acceptable in customer's designs, available in different sharps, in various sizes and colors.
Metal Octagonal Gaskets
Metal Octagonal Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Metal Octagonal Gaskets in R, BX, RX, IX Types, made from carbon steel, soft iron, 316, 304 materials.
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Spiral Wound Gaskets With/without inner, outer ring, upon customer's sizes, colors and shapes request.
Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Metal Jacketed Gasket manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies graphite, ceramic and non-asbestos Metal Jacketed Gaskets, with stainless steel, carbon steel and copper Metal jacket.
PTFE Gaskets
PTFE Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies PTFE Gaskets with Glass Fiber filled, Suitable as Sealing Material for industrial applications.
Flange Isolation Kit Type E Gaskets, Class 150#
LD 13 IKEG 01
China Flange Isolation Kit Gasket Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Class 150# Flange Isolation Kit Type E Gaskets with Neoprene faced phenolic with washers.
ANSI B16.20 PTFE Xylan Coated Gasket
LD 13 GKT01
China soft iron gasket manufacturer ANSI B16.20 PTFE coated gasket, xylan coated gasket made from soft iron for piping system.
ANSI B16.20 Spiral Wound Gasket, with Inner, Outer Ring
LD 12 SWG 01
Spiral wound gasket manufacturer Orientsteel supplies ANSI B16.20 spiral wound gasket with SS 304 inner ring, CS outer ring, Graphite, Class 150, yellow Colored.
Spiral Wound Gasket with SS Inner Ring, CS Outer Ring
LD 13 SWG02
Spiral wound gasket manufacturer Orientsteel supplies green ANSI B16.20 spiral wound gasket with SS 316 inner ring, CS outer ring, SS 316 hoop, graphite filler.
Insulation Gasket, 300#, 6 Inch
LD 13 IG 03
China Insulation Gasket manufacturer Orientsteel supplies Insulation Gaskets with Neoprene faced phenolic with washers, 300# pressure rate, 6 Inch.
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