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Why the Control Valve Is Called Full-featured Valve
Posted: 05/13/2015 04:05:02   Edited: 05/13/2015 04:05:02  Clicks: 50
The control valve has a total of seven excellent functions, so it is called “full-featured valve”.
1. Good adaptable function
Adaptable function is one of the eight functions and it shows up in these following five aspects. ① flow characteristic; ② adjustable ratio R; ③ small opening working performance; ④ discharge coefficient; ⑤ regulation speed.
2. Good cut function
Cut function reflects the intrinsic quality of a valve. The standard leak rate for a full-featured ultra light control valve is 10, which is 100-1000 times higher than single/double seat valve and high sleeve valve.
3. Big differential pressure
The function of overcoming differential pressure is the prerequisite of cut function and it has a close relationship with cut function. It is fine for double seat valve to have big differential pressure and high leak rate. For single seat valve, if the leak rate is small, it is allowed to have small differential pressure. Full-featured ultra light control valve provides a better solution to solve the problem of big differential pressure but small leak rate. 
4. Strong corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance function can protect the valve from medium corrosion, erosion and cavitation and prolong its service time. Full-featured ultra light control valve has a good resistance function because of its corrosion and erosion resistance materials.
5. High compression strength
The function of high compression strength is the safety guarantee for a valve. The single integrated structure of a full-featured ultra light control valve can improve the structural integrity of the pressure boundaries and increase its compression strength.
6. Good heat resistance
With the good heat resistance, the valve can adapt to different temperature. With the rigid and fixable connecting seal way, the full-featured ultra light control valve will not have the problem that the valve core and seat got stuck when in high temperature.
7. Good appearance and light weight
This function reflects the features of miniaturization, light-weight and instrumentation for a valve. With the integrated design of valve structure and appearance, as well as having a simple, reliable and direct way to connect to the actuator, the full-featured ultra light control valve has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight and good appearance.

Why the Control Valve Is Called Full-featured Valve
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