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Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel supplies Industrial Y-Strainers (Y Type Strainers), basket strainers, Conical Strainer Filters in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron,etc.

Strainers Product List

Basket, Y Style Strainers
Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies 2 to 36 inches Y Style Strainer, Basket Style Strainer with ASME B16.5 and B16.47 Flanged End Connection.
Y-Strainers with Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
Y Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies ANSI, DIN 3202-F1, BS 2080 Standard cast iron, ductile iron Body Y-Strainers with Stainless Steel Mesh Screen.
Cast, Ductile iron Strainer
Cast, Ductile iron Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Cast Iron Strainers, Ductile Iron Strainers, Suitable for Water, steam, and oil Medium.
Cast-Iron Y Type Strainer
Cast-Iron Y Type Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Cast-Iron Y Type Strainers, Cast-Iron Y-Strainers, Suitable for Water, steam, and oil Medium.
Conical Strainer Filters
Strainer Filter Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies Stainless Steel Strainer Filters, Conical Strainer Filters 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, up to 200 mesh.
Cast Iron ASTM A395 Y Strainer, Monel Trim, 4 Inch, 150LB
LD 14 YS 01
China Cast Iron ASTM A395 Y Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Supplies high quality Cast Iron Y Strainer, ASTM A395 Body, Monel Trim, 4 Inch Size, Class 150.
Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Grooved Y-strainer
LD 14 GYS 01
China Grooved Y-strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel offers Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Grooved Y-strainers, AWWA C606 Ends, Stainless Steel Screen & Plug, 21 Bar.
ASTM A351 Dual Strainer, DN150, 150LB, Flanged RF
LD 14 DS 01
China Dual Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Provides A351 GR. CF8M Dual Strainers, DN150 (6 Inch), Class 150, Flanged RF Ends, SS316L Screen, ANSI B16.34.
ASTM A216 WCB Bucket Strainer, 24 Inch, CL150
LD 14 BS 01
China ASTM A216 Bucket Type Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Provides ASTM A216 WCB Bucket Strainers, 24 Inch, Pressure 150LB, SS304 Mesh, Flanged End.
ASTM A126 Flanged Y Strainer, 12 Inch, 175 PSI
LD 14 YS 02
China ASTM A126 Y-Strainer Manufacturer Orientsteel Provides ASTM A126 Gr B Flanged Y-Type Strainers, 12 Inch, Pressure 175 PSI, Screen SS 304, ANSI B16.1.
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